1) James Vollentine and Isabel Goode had 10 children
2) Who are the oldest and youngest children of James Vollentine and Isabel Goode?
Laura May and Santiago
Santaigo Madero and Joseph Dixie
Anita Maria and Maria Altagracia
Guillermo Giraud and Margarita

3) James Vollentine Goode died at the age of 72 in 1948 of a
Cerebral Hemorrage (Stroke)
Senility and Dementia
Cardiac Insufficiency (Heart Attack)
Old Age
4) Isabel Goode was born in
The Canary Islands

5) Which of James Vollentine and Isabel's children died in infancy or early childhood?
Santiago Madero and Christina
Laura May and Santiago
Eduardo and Consuelo
Maria and Jose
6) James Vollentine Goode was born in
Yoakum, Texas
Columbus, Mississippi
Talbot, Maryland
Kenedy, Texas