18 - 24 Months Before Reunion Date (this is where we are right now):
Gauge Family Interest
Enlist Volunteers to assist with planning
Create a list of potential dates (see Poll Page) and venues
Create Contact List

12 - 18 Months Before:
Determine budget and how much needed per family member
Solidify date, locaton (Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico) and venue
Send out 'Save the Date, cards with RSVP

12 Months Before:
Collect deposits  and regisitration fees on this site

9 -12 Months Before:
Reserve hotel and lodging blocks
Assign Volunteer duties

6 - 9 Months Before:
Create schedule of activities
Send invitations with finalized details including hotels/lodging, activities, costs, dietary restrictions, etc.
Make catering, photography, and other vendor arrangements as needed

4 - 6 Months Before:
Order SWAG (keepsakes, party favors, etc.)
Confirm reservations with hotel/lodging, and other vendors
Decide on decor (as needed)

2 - 4 Months Before:
Ask for outstanding RSVPs
Send "Get Excited' message
Finalize meal menus, evenr program, and schedule
Create a list and gather needed items

1 Week - 1 Month Before:
Make list of Volunteers and their responsibilities
Create checklist for Reunion Day and finalize details
Confirm all arrangements
Prepare 'Welcome Packets,' name tags, and prizes

Reunion Day:
Meet your family and have a great time!