09 MAY 2018

This is where we will be within the next 45 days and we all need to start thinking about whether we will be attending. Please go to the 'Who's Attending' page and input your information if you are interested in the reunion, there is no committment at this point of the planning stage. RSVP's can be completed at a later date.

Would you like to participate or Chair in a Committee? Although I could be a Superwoman and do this alone - it used to be one of my jobs, I prefer to be like Dr. Strange and be part of a team. Volunteer for a Committee and be the 'Boss.'  ;-)

Finally, get out and VOTE! Which two (2) weeks in July are best for you? Surely you don't want ME to pick the date for the Reunion as well...that would just give me too much power...

Don't miss out on the fun!


18 - 24 Months Before Reunion Date (this is where we are right now):
Gauge Family Interest
Enlist Volunteers to assist with planning - see 'Committees' page
Create a list of potential dates (see Poll Page) and venues
Create Contact List - collect mailiing and email lists

Thank you for your assistance and input.