We are going to need volunteers to serve on committees for the Family Reunion. I’ve listed a few here, let me know if you think of something not covered below and we can add it.  Volunteers are needed to Chair and work in each of the committees below.
SWAG (Stuff We All Get): Members consist of Chairs for each Committee
Wouldn't it be nice to have mementos/souvenirs of the reunion? This Committee works on gift bags, t-Shirts, photo books, and/or whatever else might be nice to have.
Lineage: Open
We will depend on a representative from each branch of the family to provide this information.
Meet and Greet: Chair – Open
The is the first event and serves as the ‘kickoff’ for any reunion. Example: Oversee programs, introductions, getting to know you, and announcements once the reunion has begun.
Hotels/Lodging: Chair - Isabel Deblanc
This is self-explanatory. Find great hotels and lodging for all of us.
Meals/Snacks/Drinks: Chair – Open
Example: Planning a banquet, snacks, mapping out ideas for restaurants that would be nice to try in Ajijic.
*Adult Activities: Chair – Open
Example: Shopping! Visiting galleries, shopping for arts & crafts, jewelry for the ladies (and men), things to do without the children in tow (unless you want to take them with you). Golf, and other sports.
*Family Activities: Chair – Open
Example: Family Time! Again, museums, the zoo, parks, Lake Chapala, etc.
*Children’s Activities: Chair – Open
Example: Find and plan great activities for children, the museum, the zoo, etc. Can be large group activities for all ages or divided into smaller groups by age depending on the number and ages of children attending. Games and sports.
Transportation: Chair - Open
Example: Assisting with air and car rental and maps from Guadalajara International Airport to Ajijic.
*These committees may be combined